Caesar-run “catholic” schools coming to an end. #ocsb #oectaagm18 #oecta #catholicteachers #ottnews

Looks like the beginning of the end of Caesar-run “catholic” schools. Liberals and NDP have been emboldened by the proabort attestation of summer jobs programs. Now, folks are angry at HCDSB having a prolife stand for charities (the same stand that Toronto ShareLife has)

The Green party is going hard against catholic schools. Wynne may try to do same thing now that she is in third place, according to Steve Paikin.

The proabort OECTA and many poorly cathechized parents and children of HCDSB are pushing for support of anti-Catholic charities by HCDSB.

More and more faithful Catholic parents and priests have given up on the Wynne-run system and are moving to homeschooling etc.

Most catholic millenials are no longer getting married in the Church (400% per capital decline in 35 years) or having their kids baptized. Some “catholic” elementary schools have more non-Catholics in them than children with even a tenuous link to the Catholicsm (eg. long forgotten baptism certificate of a step-mother)

Catholic dioceses should start looking in their records of all the land donations given to Catholic schools many years ago. They should be compensated for these donations as they were given to “Catholic” schools because they were truly Catholic 70 years ago. When the government turns them officially secular schools, then $$ need to be given to the Church – in turn the Church can set up smaller networks of parochial schools (like in USA) and homeschooling assistance.


Stats from Europe:

(it is not quite as bad as Europe here as we do have Catholic immigrants from Phillipines, etc. Germany really only has Turkish and Syrian and other Muslim immigrants)

Berlin: 105 parishes to be reduced to 35 “pastoral spaces”, with unused churches to be sold off and 40% of clergy and lay staffers reassigned, thereby alleviating some of the Diocese’s $140 million debt

– Vienna: 660 parishes to be merged into 150 hubs served by a handful of priests

– Luxembourg: 274 parishes reduced to 33

– Clogher, Ireland: 37 parishes cut to 14 “pastoral areas” coordinated by teams of just two priests and six laypeople

– Utrecht: 326 parishes to just 48 hubs in which only one church will serve as a “eucharistic center”

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