OISE Gender Insanity taught to elementary children! #ottnews #toronto #tdsb #oecta #catholicteachers #catholic #tcot

This is the insanity about gender taught to middle school students in the Toronto TDSB.


password is music     . Download ASAP before they take it off line



Click to access Untitled-document.pdf


Wade Vroom who was suspended a few years ago is mentioned in the credits at end:






What goes on in govt funded “alternative” schools, will be in mainstream schools within a couple of years.

These OISE teachers will be in school boards (both public and Catholic) doing this stuff in 2018!

EIE and Bill 13 and new sex ed are not about STIs and consent and anti-bullying, they are RADICAL GENDER BENDING SOCIAL RE-ENGINEERING!! 


REMEMBER THAT when you vote for PC Leader and in Ontario election!


This sort of stuff will come to “catholic” schools. In fact, of all the teachers unions, OECTA “catholic” union pushes genderbread the most!!




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