We Day and Snapchat and Rape. #ocsb #ottnews #ocsbcelebrates #hcdsb #oecta #catholicteachers

We warned the OCSB not to bus kids to pro-abort We Day where singers like Official sing lewd lyrics



Now, we find out that a student (not an OCSB student THIS TIME) was picked up by a We Day rock star via Snapchat at that We Day. She was later raped and sodomized.




The woman was an Algonquin College student when she first communicated with Hoggard, 33, in November 2016. She was a volunteer at the WE Day concert in Ottawa, where Hoggard, described as a “WE Day super ambassador,” performed. During the event, she says, Hoggard communicated with her through Snapchat, a social media app that allows users to send texts, photos and videos that disappear after they are opened…..

A few days later:

… She says Hoggard was grunting loudly and making pig noises. He called her a “dirty little pig,” she says.

“I can still to this day picture his face and how scary he looked and how scared I was.”

She says she remembers seeing herself reflected in the mirror over the bed. “He was choking me, and my face went so red.”

She says he didn’t stop assaulting her even though she was bleedingfrom her vagina and anus. At one point, she says, he pulled her off the bed by her legs and dragged her into the bathroom. She says Hoggard asked several times if he could urinate on her, then asked if she wanted to pee on him. She says he backed off when she kept repeating, “No, that’s disgusting.”

She alleges that was the only time he asked for consent.

In the five hours she was in the Thompson Hotel, she says, Hoggard raped her several times — vaginally and anally.



When you have artists singing lewd rap lyrics disrespecting women.. and women at WEDay who dress like this













After two full (and admittedly tiring) days, I was fortunate to join the Grade 6 students on their trip to WE Day! This conference brings together world-renowned speakers (Paula Abdul, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Tragically Hip, Rick Hanson…), A-list performers (Hedley, Classified…), and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives. WE Day is something that I always wished I could have attended as a student, but that opportunity has come full circle for me as a teacher. 




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