2018 Version of CFOTAE promotes more heresy #oecta #catholicteachers #tcdsb @archtoronto



Catherine Cavanagh works as a school “chaplain” in a “Catholic” school in Brockville

Promotes so-called women priests:






Tina Beattie:



Every year, our tax dollars are used to send teachers and “chaplaincy leaders” to CFOTAE

And it is promoted by CARFLEO and “catholic school trustees”







2 thoughts on “2018 Version of CFOTAE promotes more heresy #oecta #catholicteachers #tcdsb @archtoronto”

  1. It is way past time for Catholic mothers (& CWL members?) in Ottawa, to gather together on Parliament Hill — AND at the Catholic School Board building — to enlist the Help of Our Holy Mother, Mary — to pray the Rosary AGAINST all such heresies being taught to our children and grandchildren. IF this is not yet the ‘time of the Great Apostasy’, then there is still time to call upon Heaven to intercede; but, IF it IS that ‘time’, then we MUST ‘fight’ and ‘pray’ even harder for the next generation to KNOW, THE TRUTHS OF OUR FAITH! WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO STAY QUIET, WHILE OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN ARE BEING DELIBERATELY DECEIVED — IN OUR OWN ‘publicly funded’ CATHOLIC SCHOOLS!


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