Ontario Teachers Pension Plans and their $$ in tax-haven Cayman islands #paradisepapers #ottnews #oecta #catholicteachers

While Teachers whine and protest about a few Timmies franchisees taking away paid breaks, their own pension plan, which owns Constellation Brands, treats its workers MUCH worse at WineRack. No benefits, no washroom breaks etc etc

As well, they have investments in all the companies in tax-haven Cayman Islands? Why?



All these companies are based in Post Office Boxes in Cayman Islands, OTPP has more than $150M in each
  • AQR Offshore Multi-Strategy Fund VII Ltd
  • BDCM Offshore Opportunity Fund II, Ltd.
  • FMAP CIM Limited
  • FMAP PCM Limited
  • FMAP WMC Limited
  • LMAP 902 Limited
  • LMAP 903 Limited
  • LMAP 904 Limited
  • LMAP 909
  • LMAP Chi Limited
  • MR Argent Offshore Fund AB L.P.
  • Exal International Limited





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