Former #OECTA Prez calls Church teaching evil, pushes gay families and gay priests. @archtoronto #catholicteachers #ocsb #tcdsb

We know that James Ryan and the OECTA executive have been directly and publicly and harshly criticized by Cardinal Collins for their incorrect understanding of the faith. In fact,  the Cardinal has criticized Ryan more harshly than any Catholic under the Cardinal’s jurisdiction.

Now Ryan takes on the Pope for saying that a family consists of a husband and wife. He did this on the feast day of the Holy Family!!

And he called evil the Church teaching from 2005 (still in full effect) that men with deep seated homosexual inclinations (even if chaste) CANNOT be priests.

On this wondeful day celebrating the Blessed Mother of God,  please pray to Mary that Ryan and OECTA do not ruin the souls of our children.








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