#Ottnews . #OCSB @motherteresahs teacher CANNOT cancel final exam

Lots of excitement in the media about this teacher who plans to cancel final exam if there are 75K retweets


The final exam was worth only 15%  and was pitiful preparation for students who will have exams worth 60% or more in university. Cancelling an exam is doing a big disservice to the kids!

Ministry and Board policies state that Assessment rules cannot be changed after the Course Outline has been published and signed by parents and students. They cannot even be changed by agreement of all the students and the teacher!

My understanding is that an official complaint has been lodged with the Ministry. As well, universities might not recognize the credit and they might be unsure of the validity of the marks.

PS: It is easy to buy retweets. Each student could spend $30 to buy 1000 retweets (2 hrs work at McDonalds). Retweeting is NOT learning


From the Board:

exams ocsb

From the Course outline:


PDF of Course Outline from school website:

BBB4M Course Outline 2017-2018




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