#OCSB and the Crisis of Character . #ottnews #oecta #catholicteachers

There is now good evidence that the character strength of self-control, or self-regulation,  which is a sub-virtue of temperance, is more important than IQ as a predictor of academic performance. Indeed, self-control has been found to be a long-term predictor of what is termed  “a flourishing life.
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 This psychology culminated in so-called “Values Clarification”—an approach widely adopted in our schools, where it was absorbed by millions of students. Values Clarification asked each student to choose his or her own values, whatever they might be, to think about them, and then to act on them. Values Clarification rejected the teaching of virtue as “indoctrination,” while at the same time indoctrinating each student with moral relativism
In contrast, government schools are permeated with  “values clarification” and Kohlbergian  ethics:

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