Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria #ottnews #ocsb #catholic

Parents should know about groups of girls who, in clusters, getting ROGD. For example, we read of a single grade in a school where 6 girls came out as “trans boys”. IMPOSSIBLE!

The following case is about a woman who was banned from a support group at CHEO/Family Services. I am sure teachers and school boards are not helping this poor mother and child either.



Needless to say, this blog does not support any abuse of people with Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria (DSM V)


“cheering when they heard our Children’s Hospital was about to start offering mastectomies to children under the age of 18.”










Rapid Onset Gender Dsyphoria

Parents not infrequently report their children experiencing a rapid onset of gender dysphoia which appears for the first time in their daughters during or after puberty.  In our clinical experience, these daughters previously identified with their femininity, enjoyed playing with dolls and had secure attachment relationships with each parent. However, the history revealed that these females often did not have a best female friend or a close group of female friends.

In a 2017 study of 164 adolescents with rapid onset gender dysphoria, 93% were females with average age of 15 when they announced that they were transgender.  Contrary to early research findings, arent-child relationships were worse in 75.7% of the families two years after the announcement. Where popularity status was known, 64.2% of adolescents had an increase in popularity within the friend group after announcing that they were transgender.  In these youth 37.3% received online advice that parents who didn’t agree with their taking hormones were abusive and transphobic and 46.5% of youth withdrew from their families. Also, in this study, 53.1% of youth only trusted information about gender dysphoria from transgender sources. Parents reported a worsening in the mental health in 51.2% of their children and an improvement in 13.6% two years after announcement.

The author recommended the need for more research to understand this phenomenon and the worsening mental well-being and parent-child relationship.(5)







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