New Religion #catholic class exemption procedures #tcdsb #ocsb #ottnews #onted

Despite all the bluster from OCSTA chair about Catholics being forced to take Religion classes (from heretical teachers), the fact is the  public school support on yr MPAC form is ALL that matters!

There is a new simcoe smcdsb process, to comply with the loss at the human rights commission.

It seems quite arduous still.. just made a couple of mtgs “voluntary”.. and a whole committee needs to look at the MPAC designation (ie. a SHEET of paper)..


also, only annual exemption..  why?? is this treating people with respect??

on the plus side, there are exemptions from religious celebrations, retreats..


As per the human rights agreement, this policy is being sent by OCSTA to other school boards. Expect them to make previously mandatory meetings voluntary etc. Also, you do NOT need to give reasons except provide MPAC form. Boards that do not update their policies, including OCSB, etc are in defacto violation of Human rights decision!


Use this new procedure when a Principal bothers you:



Human Right remedy decision:








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