Anthroposophy Religion play at Taxpayer-funded school #ottnews #onted #onpoli #ottschools

Anthroposophy is a strange mix of “esoteric Christianity”, new age, buddhism, zoroastrianism, etc

This video of a play at Trille des Bois Cepeo taxpayer-funded school in Ottawa has several interesting things


This video has been downloaded by us already, so it is of no use to delete it  from youtube.

The french translation is very close to the Eugene Schwartz english version. It is a weird retelling of the biblical story

1) at about 10mins, the archangels talk about reincarnation and spirits coming back to Earth

2) Near the end of the play, the archangels talk about different races. The wise race are the WHITES who head North

3) the last lines talk about Light amd Darkness merging into one. Ie. Anthroposophical Manichaeism


Why are taxpayers paying for this type of education!!! Meanwhile, this school’s Grade 3 eqao math results were 3.1/10!!


Pdf of play:













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