Taxpayer-Funded Anthroposophy-riddled elementary school in Ottawa! #ottnews #onted #onpoli

This school does not look “public” at all! Taxpayers are paying for a school dominated by Anthroposophy!

So many other countries have shut down public “Waldorf-Steiner method” schools. Why not Ontario!???


A few more notes on the Anthroposophy-controlled Public French CEPEO school in Vanier/Ottawa (Trilles des Bois -TDB)

  1. James Brian

James Brian is very involved with the TDB Parent Council mtgs (see PDFs at bottom). He does teacher instruction and is the Director of the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto (they teach anthroposophy)


Trille2 PDF is presentation of TDB to parents.

3) Trille4 talks about the thousands of dollars which go to the external Eurythmist (Sylvie Richard). Eurythmy is tightly connected to Anthroposophy spirituality

4)Weird presentation of TDB to parents in parents guide talking about “rhythm of organs like the liver” (ie. French foie”) . this is tied to Anthroposophy Medicine

5) Useful Link of TDB website to Creativelivingwithchildren. Wacko stuff on their about planetary influences on children!

6) Parent council meetings (trille5) talking about request to board to only have smaller classes permittted

7) Parents council mtg about funding of teachers to talk RSCT Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto teacher training (prerequisite is Anthroposophy Foundations!!)

8) lots of talk in Parent council minutes of student retention. the Grade 3 EQAO reading results are horrible (3.1/10)

9) lots of talk about children who don’t speak ONE word of French. I thought CEPEO was for French families! All Waldorf private schools are closed now in Ottawa, so English and French parents seem to send them to this quasi-private (funded by Taxpayers though!) school

More info here:






(below pic is from )trillee



















Prequisite is  ANTHROPOSOPHY!! How independent is Walfdorf “techniques” from underlying anthroposophy!!




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