NO balance betweem GSAs and #Catholic beliefs . #OECTA #Catholicteachers #WECDSB #OCSB

What a ridiculous headline from the Nat Cath Reporter (the “Fishwrap” has been banned by their local Bishop from using the name Catholic in their title, but they ignore)

There is NO balance at all. The GSAs never tell kids that homosexual acts are grave sins or grave moral depravity (CCC 2357). They never tell kids that they CANNOT choose their gender and transgenders CANNOT be Godparents because they are not living the Catholic faith.

All they talk about “authentic selves” and nebulous “Catholic social justice)

“Catholic schools balance gay-straight alliance clubs with beliefs”

“”Our religious background is something that we respect, but at the same time, it is conservative, and we want to respect that and we want to help these kids along so that they can definitely go along and feel like they’re accomplishing things,” said Davis.”..

“…Butler appreciates her school’s progress, but was disappointed with the school board’s response to her request to raise a rainbow pride flag outside as other secular schools and local businesses do.

“When they don’t see the immediate need to change protocol for something like this, if everyone else is doing it, it’s a big statement,” she said. “It’s a statement to make [by] not doing, I think.”

Considering that the pride flag hangs inside the school, a new set of identity-focused books is available to the school community, and partnerships stand with Windsor Pride and others, Davis reminds students to be patient.”


The truth?

Anti_Catholic jenna ten yuk at presenting at windsor catholic gsas

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