More on St Mike’s situation @archtoronto

St Mikes President Mulroney shouldn’t worry anymore. The former VP of the St Mike’s student union says the gender binary nature of the event is gone!!




Jess Afonso is the sort of grad the protesting profs are PROUD of.  Pro abort, anti Mother Teresa, Pride parade attending, Pro lgbtqssetc

Read this writing from a future Catholic “leader”


afonso4      afonso3afonso2afonso1Afonso6

4 thoughts on “More on St Mike’s situation @archtoronto”

  1. On another topic, it would be helpful to have some Catholic intelligence commentary on the sad state of religious orders in this province.


  2. Case in point – do these people look like Dominican friars and does their left-wing activism have anything to do with the Dominican mission?

    And why are they given so much access to graduate theology faculties in both Ottawa and Toronto?

    Just asking.


  3. Yes, like that.

    Any idea what this mumbo-jumbo is supposed to mean?

    And why do we need Catholic clergy/religious providing ‘intellectual support’ for socialist policies?

    Just say’in.


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