#DPCDSB Teacher: Catechism and Ontario Sex Ed ARE contradictory. #oecta #catholicteachers #OCSB #TCDSB



An MEd thesis by a Peel Catholic teacher. Basically, she comes to conclusion that one cannot teach the Catholic faith and do what the government insists (Bill 13, GSA, Sex ed, etc). They are simply too contradictory.

Her conclusion is that “Catholic” schools should officially become less Catholic. The Catechism is to become a “conversation starter” only. Then teachers move on to tell students exactly what Pope Wynne and Cardinal Mitzie Hunter believes.

Throughout the thesis she talls about CTF, EGALE, OECTA resources that teachers now use (rainbow decorations, genderbread persons, etc)

At least, she is HONEST!


On a greater scale, I believe that changes should be made to the Constitution Act (1867), where Catholic schools still work in collaboration with the Catholic church, but are able to do so in a way that better aligns with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This can be done by having schools refer to the CCC and biblical scriptures as conversation starters, rather than as rules and standards that must be met. If meaningful conversations among teachers and students can be started from Catholic writings, then teachers can continue to use the Catholic Social Teachings to guide their students to meet the Catholic Graduate expectations in a more inclusive and positive way that embraces every student for who they truly are.


Maiorano_Elizabeth_201706_MT_MTRP      PDF

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