Will Wynne try to win election by closing down Catholic schools? #onted #onpoli #ottnews

Steve Paikin is VERY knowledgeable. He is quite neutral but has ties to Liberals via his son Zach.

Is this a trial balloon?


OECTA would be furious, but ETFO and OSSTF would be 110% behind

OECTA is trying the “school choice” card, but we suspect that they only support where parents only have a choice of 4 systems. Apparently, 1-3 systems are bad and 5-20 systems are bad. FOUR is the perfect number for OECTA. We wonder why?


Polls show 51-38% would support the closure of schools.


How else can Wynne win?? Things like “reduced” Hydro and $15 minimum wage have not moved her up in the polls.

The MSM media will be preparing the ground from now until the election with “polls”, columns, editorials etc


The premier acknowledged there are some in the province who want the government to do away with the Catholic system.

“That’s not what we’re going to do. It’s not what I believe should be done,” said Wynne, noting the current configuration is a reflection of Ontario’s history. “We can have that debate another day.”

Is another day the 2018 Election???


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