OISE LGBTQ project in #catholic schools #ocsb #tcdsb @archtoronto #oecta #catholicteachers


This OISE project will last several years and will include lots about LGBTQ teachers and families in the “Catholic” govt school system


The following is a lesbian “catholic” teacher who talks about the CCC is terms like “apparently there is a book”. Some mythical book? And because CCC2357 is only one paragraph (which is “problematic”), catholic teachers can ignore it!!
Video Transcript

Tara: So here at um, at your school, it’s possible to be both um, gay, lesbian, queer and Catholic?

Mary: Well I think it always was! I, I don’t know if the, there’s, the – apparently, there’s, literally, in a 700 page book of catechetical rules of the Catholic church, there is only one paragraph. It is a problematic paragraph, but um, you know this is a discussion that, that teachers have been having.

Tara: Right

Mary: That in the whole range of doctrine and dogma of the church, there, there is very, very little that is actually said about it. And it seems to be that the, the people whose fears are preventing them um, from being open to understanding that the world is a very diverse place are causing those issues. I’m, I’m  very hopeful that in a few years, um, you know we will be seeing that there will be much more acceptance. And I mean, in my professional life time, I’ve seen an enormous change, so uh, I think that will continue. But you know, the, the honest truth is that there have always been Catholics of all stripes, and uh, and you know, always will be.

Amazing  how poorly catechized teachers are! “Apparently”

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