#OECTA endorses school choice! #catholic #ocsb #s2bgn #ottnews #toronto

The President of OECTA has called for parents to have CHOICE in Education! She is Protestant, not Catholic so this would mean school choice for Catholics, Protestants, others!! When will OECTA start lobbying to make this a better reality for all??!!

And how about independent Catholic schools?? Parents want to send their children to schools where teachers swear an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium and teachers promise not to march in Pride parades, in disobedience to Cardinal Collins!

The Ontario and Canadian Catholic school trustees already raise money for independent Catholic schools outside of Ontario.

Let’s make school choice, as endorsed by Ann Hawkins, a reality for more and more parents in Ontario and the rest of Canada!





school choice


Vatican 2 on school choice:


6. The Duties and Rights of Parents

Parents who have the primary and inalienable right and duty to educate their children must enjoy true liberty in their choice of schools. Consequently, the public power, which has the obligation to protect and defend the rights of citizens, must see to it, in its concern for distributive justice, that public subsidies are paid out in such a way that parents are truly free to choose according to their conscience the schools they want for their children.


Toonies for Tuition



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