What really happened at Trudeau Vatican visit? #cdnpoli #ottnews #toronto

Pope and Justin and Yogi wife at END of meeting:

justin pope



This is what the Vatican said happened:

“[T]he good bilateral relations between the Holy See and Canada were evoked, along with the contribution of the Catholic Church to the social life of the country. The parties then focused on the themes of integration and reconciliation, as well as religious freedom and current ethical issues.”

The statement also said, “in the light of the results of the recent G7 summit, attention turned to various matters of an international nature, with special attention to the Middle East and areas of conflict.”


What does religious freedom and current ethical issues mean?

Well, what did the Ontario Bishops briefs the Pope on 3 week ago?? EUTHANASIA and LIFE ISSUES and CONSCIENCE RIGHTS!!

Who believes that Justin did not get an earful from the Pope on these current ethical issues?? The meeting ended on this matter. Don’t listen to Justin’s sunny ways propaganda about the meeting!


What was in the Ad Limina Report?:

Ad Limina 2017 – ACBO Regional Report FINAL (Aug 25 2016)  PDF

While there are potential gains in terms of the economy and treatment of FNMI, there are also highly significant challenges with the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As will be indicated in some detail later in this report, the new government is tasked with developing procedures to implement the Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide. In 2015, the court had given the legislators six months to develop the procedures. However, no action was taken during the election campaign. The new government established a committee to seek advice. Their report went much further than the ruling of the Supreme Court and has caused significant concern for those who respect the dignity of life. This issue will be dealt with separately. Needless to say, however, the current government espouses more of a secular approach to life issues than the previous one did.


Legalization in Canada of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide 48

In February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the legal ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide and gave the federal government several months to pass legislation to amend the Criminal Code and make these acts legal in our country.

Following the Supreme Court decision, bishops across Canada made a concerted effort to educate Catholics about the teaching of our Church that the intentional act of killing oneself or another human being is very seriously morally wrong, because it is against the love of God and is an affront to human life and dignity. Consequently, we must not cooperate in such an act, either by euthanasia or assisted suicide.

In their teaching, the bishops emphasized that the proposed legislation would put at risk those who are vulnerable in our society, the elderly and infirm and persons with disabilities and mental illness. Furthermore, it would be unjust to coerce a healthcare worker who is opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide to act against his or her conscience or, in the case of a healthcare facility, in order to qualify for public funding.

Along with ecumenical and interfaith leaders, the bishops held news conferences and met with elected representatives, urging them to defend and protect the lives of all, especially the vulnerable, and to safeguard conscience rights. Together, we advocated that palliative care should be available to every Canadian and that it was unacceptable that only a third of Canadians have access to it now. We affirmed that when people are dying, we should care for them, support them with our love and deal with their pain.

Many Canadians of different faiths, and of no faith at all, opposed the proposed legislation, realizing that it posed a grave moral threat with profound implications for our society. Thousands of Catholics responded to the appeals of their bishops and contacted their Members of Parliament to voice their concerns and joined coalitions against euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Despite these objections, on June 17, 2016, Parliament passed legislation that made euthanasia and assisted suicide legal in Canada.

The bishops will continue our opposition to the new law and to speak with a common voice in defence of the dignity of all human life. We realize that we will need to strengthen our efforts to educate the faithful and propose to them a Christian vision of life and suffering. As healthcare comes under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, we will be advocating provincially for the protection of conscience rights for healthcare providers and for our Catholic hospitals to continue their mission without threats of defunding, as well as for a strategy to make palliative care accessible to everyone.


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