New #OCSB exemption policy violates law #ottnews #ocsbdl #onted

Further analysis shows that whole process of going to Principal, having to provide a “reason” and the possibility of denial by Principal , violates 42(13) of the Education Act. It also gives the principals local opportunity for intimidation.


The act 42(13) says this:

(13) In addition to the exemptions provided for in subsection (11), no person who is qualified to be a resident pupil in respect of a secondary school operated by a public board who attends a secondary school operated by a Roman Catholic board shall be required to take part in any program or course of study in religious education on written application to the Board of,

(a) the parent or guardian of the person;

So, all you have to do is write the Board (ie. Director of Education), copy Superintendent and Principal and tell them that you are asserting your right for exemption and that it is immediate and applies for all x years of high school. Send a copy of your public school MPAC assessment. There is NO requirement for a reason or for permission from Principal!! Those requirements violate the Education Act! Do not be bullied by the OCSB!



Read this: no reason or meeting!!!!!!


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