#Ottnews New #OCSB policy shows how parents can get kids’ exemption from heretical Religion Classes

The new policy is closer to following the law. The demand for a “reason” is awful. The Simcoe County Catholic Board has already been taken to the Human Rights Commission for having an overly arduous process.

Please note the 8 weeks notice. So, get your MPAC changed ASAP to the Public Board. Your children can still go to the school and their can be ZERO punishments.

A reason can be “conflict with home religious values”. There is NO invalid reason, but it’s better to make a good reason that the principal cannot argue with (another one is the Parent is Primary Educator and you believe that the religion classes are inappropriate for your children)


ReligiousEducationCompulsoryforElementaryandSecondaryStudents            PDF








 When demanding an exemption from CARFLEO/OECTA Religion classes, please remember to include the notice that no admin, teacher or guidance counsellor should talk in any way to your child about this matter. This is only a matter between parent and Principal. In fact, regardless of whether your child takes religion class or not, goes to Public or “catholic” school, a note should be sent to the Principal etc (and kept on file) that there should be NO meetings with any guidance counsellor and child without a parent present.

Guidance counsellors are often “attack vectors” that divide a parent and child. We have heard several stories about this and felt the need to warn parents.

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