#OCSB and its SECRET contracts #ottnews #onted #onpoli

Why is OCSB trying to keep its contracts with private academies operating within its schools secret?? One can only speculate why a government official is so adamant to keep things secret when the IPC Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario says contracts should be made public.

A nice request was made for contracts between OCSB and Canadian Topflight Academy. Our friend received these nasty paragraphs in various emails.




It is 100% clear that contracts do NOT contain confidential business information and are to be made public!!

see MO-3178 page 32
 Miller Transit Limited v Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario et al, 2013 ONSC 7139 (CanLII), Miller Transit and York Region argued that a union was not entitled to copies of parts of a contract for bus services between Miller Transit and York Region. The Ontario Privacy Commissioner disagreed and found that the information in the contract was not supplied by Miller Transit. The Ontario Privacy Commissioner took the position that the content of a contract with a government institution and a third party is presumed to have been generated in the give and take of negotiations, and not “supplied” by the third party. The Divisional Court upheld the decision of the Ontario Privacy Commissioner
 Alarm bells should go off when the issue of impacting a secret business relationship is more important than disclosing information to taxpayers who pay for the classrooms, gyms and sports fields that these private for-profit academies now have access to.
We don’t even know how many of the CTA students are Catholic or were previously students at OCSB. Unlike other academies that actually run their own schools, CTA gets to use OCSB facilities (at no cost) including exclusive use of a private classroom.  How do the students on the “regular” school basketball team feel?

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