People who have manifest determination for Euthanasia to be denied Sacramental Anointing #cdnpoli #ottnews

Why does Justin Trudeau (promote of euthanasia (refused to use notwithstanding clause), and huge promoter of abortion) think that he can waltz in and receive Eucharist on national TV in front of 25 Bishops and Cardinals??


Archbishop Prendergast is to be praised for not allowing the Sacrament of Anointing to be Abused.

This came out this week:




Manifest determination 73. Th e most challenging situation is one in which the person requesting anointing, or for whom anointing has been requested, has made clear and public his or her intention to seek out medical assistance in committing suicide or death by euthanasia. Again, careful discernment must be achieved through conversation with the person. If there is any indication that death by these procedures is being contemplated as an example to promote their practice, the priest must point out that such an intention takes on “the gravity of a scandal” (CCC, 2282). If obstinately maintained, the intention is a clear indication of lack of disposition. Th e sacrament is to be deferred


++ Prendergast has also been firm on divorced and remarried people (without a nullity) NOT receiving communion. Thank you for defending LIFE ++Prendergast!! :

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