#OCSB #TCDSB #OECTA Prez presenting at anti- #Catholic CCDSG Jer’s Vision Conference

We have written before how anti-Catholic and radical Jer’s Vision/CCGSD is.

No surprise that the OECTA president, Ann Hawkins will be presenting at their conference!! As well, Jer’s Vision is pro-abort and Ann Hawkins signed the pro-abort FAFIA letter.

Have a look at the disgusting sessions they are having:



Also presenting is homosexual ex-priest Murray Watson from London Ont
Dr. Murray Watson is a Catholic theologian, and a gay man, who has worked widely with Catholic educators and leaders over the last 20 years, around issues of inclusion, diversity and bridge-building.




Jer's Vision and Free the Children 2Jer's Vision and Free the Children 1Jer's Vision Day of Pink

prochoice JV


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