Peel Catholic School Board’s most famous grad is trans Revlon model #catholic #ocsb #oecta

Was ANYTHING said to her by any teacher about the evils of gender ideology and transgenderism?? How many other children will Gigi lead astray. Jesus will remember this on Judgement Day, CARFLEO and OECTA. Remember, OECTA just a gender confused young adult speak at the AGM last week (to standing ovation)

Personal life
Lazzarato, who had previously identified herself as bisexual,[38] came out as lesbian in a YouTube video on September 14, 2016.[39] Lazzarato is a practicing Roman Catholic and describes herself as religious.[40] Lazzarato is in a relationship with Natalia Williams, an heiress and member of the Getty family.[41]


Was it tough being at a Catholic high school?

Coming out in a Catholic school had its difficulties, but I was making YouTube videos at the time so I think people found it more fascinating. Of course, there were those that were not supportive — there always are! But I surrounded myself with very positive people who only wanted the best for me. I loved high school as a whole. I consider myself really lucky.

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