St Joe’s parish studying Lesbian Nuns book. #catholic #ocsb

Studying a book where nuns leave the Church and become Wiccan lesbians. How uplifting. And this is the only ministry to Catholics with SSA in Ottawa. Perhaps the Archbishop or Bishop can attend this evening function?





From the book:


She admits, “Some sisters, after acknowledging Lesbian inclinations have chosen to remain in religious life and forego sexual activity. Other present nuns whose particular friendships have evolved into loving relationships do not consider sexuality incompatible with the vow of chastity.” (Pg. xxvii) She adds, “Most of us have not been sexually involved with men. The men to whom a minority of us were attracted were often gentle, sensitive, intellectual, and nun-like… Very few of us married, and few of us have children… I am the only divorced single mother.” (Pg. xxix) She observes, “Spirituality remains at the center of most of our lives. Many of the former nuns lament the loss of a spiritual community of sisters, although most of us who have left the convent have also left the Church. Only five us who are no longer nuns have remained active in the Catholic Church… Twelve of us now practice Wicca (witchcraft) as feminist spirituality.” (Pg. xxx) She concludes, “This book does not assert that all or even most nuns as Lesbians, nor does it condemn or condone sexual activity in convents. Rather it simply cracks open some crusty old prejudices to voice the truth that daughters and sisters have always resisted the rigidity of the fathers.” (Pg. xxxii)

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