#ocsb Ottawa Catholics who remarry without nulllity may NOT receive eucharist #ottnews #catholic

Some people in Ottawa may be under the mistaken impression that Amoris Laetitia has changed whether they can receive communion. The answer is no. People who divorce and remarry without receiving a decree of nullity (aka “annulment”), may NOT receive communion.

The above statement is a bit over simplified as there are cases where the couple decides to live as brother/sister, but the headline is generally correct.

This is in line with Bishops from Alberta etc. It is different that what bishops in Malta, Germany and Argentina have mistakenly approved.




Our sincere thanks to Archbishop Prendergast for his brave protection of the sanctity of the Eucharist and for upholding 2000 years of tradition (including Pope John Paul’s Familiaris Consortio)

We hope other Ontario bishops (and Hull etc) make similar announcements soon!!

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