Ontario bishops Gen Secty continues pro abort push #prolife #catholicto @archtoronto

Update: https://www.lifesitenews.com/all/yesterday#article-canadian-bishop-defends-catholic-employee-who-tweeted-support-for-pro-abort



We’ve been watching the General Secretary of the ACBO Ontario Bishops twitter account for the last few years. He spends most of his time bashing Trump and Ontario/CanadIan conservatives.

In the past, he has gone after anyone opposing the Wynne/Ben Levin sex ed push



If you analyze his tweet stream, you can see he supports the positions of 100% of his retweets. (Some ppl retweet ridiculous tweets from ppl they oppose to show their idiocy.. not Roger)


A couple of monthe ago, he was supporting Roe v WaWade


and today, roger starts supporting Alicia Keys proabort speech at the proabort Women’s march in Washington! ! He also retweet ed the proabortion speech by Scarlett johansson



https://mobile.twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/822878660659187712/video/1 Scarlett johannsen “choice” speech


Roger only started retweet michael coren after MC left the Church and became proabort anti catholic.



OECTA President blonde Ann Hawkins attended the proabort toronto women’s march. Prolifers were explicitly forbidden ….

Memories of oecta at gay pride.. but with more clothes

This is her supporting abortion



The lame argument “it’s just a retweet” doesn’t fly. Analyze the twitter streams of hawkins and lawler. It is obvious they agree with 100% of their retweets. Blatantly obvious

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