Will #Catholic teachers get fair hearings at the OCT? #ocsb #s2bgn #tcdsb

So, this fellow (Joe Jamieson) started teaching at the Halton Catholic Board in 1992. In 1993, he left the Catholic faith and joined the LGBT MCC (the community of Brent Hawkes, charged with sex crimes). He did not do the honourable thing and stop teaching at the Catholic Board. Amazing how one year after he gets a job at the Catholic board (presumably with a Priest recommendation letter), he leaves the faith and continues to take a paycheque/pension from us Catholics
After 16 years teaching at “catholic” school, he becomes Deputy Registrar of the Ontario College Teachers. He now pushes the AQ (Additional Qualification course) for teachers to learn how to teach LGBTQ students
If there was a complaint against an Catholic teacher who holds to the Catholic faith about the sin of homosexual acts, would he get a fair hearing from the OCT?

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