Another PRIVATE sports academy in an #OCSB school #ottnews #ottschools

It’s all so very strange. The OCSB trustees have to approve field trips for 3 days to Boston, but they are not involved in ANY of the decision making or approvals for these elite private sports academies setting up within schools.

First, it was TopFlight Basketball at NDHS. Now, it is Football North at St Joe’s Barrhaven (doing US 4-down football). Students pay $9-$10,000/yr. The academies seem to be have access to school facilities (gyms, fields, private team room) etc.

Are they academies charged anything for this? How is this all affecting the “regular” students at the schools? And the “regular” basketball and football students?

We know the OCSB gets $13K for each additional student (more from international students). We know the academies make money for the private coaches and trainers. Why not more public oversight of all this by the trustees and media?

An enterprising reporter could come up with a good story on this instead of just being cheerleaders!;topicseen

Ofsaa says they are prep schools operating within high schools. See 7a:

Click to access minutes_april_13_0.pdf

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