#OCSB Christmas trees in November #s2bgn #ottnews





The following tweet is like decorating your front entrance with Easter lillies, saying it looks a lot like Easter, and that next week is Ash Wednesday!

If you can’t get the easy stuff like liturgical seasons right, how can we depend on the ocsb to get the more difficult things right?

PS: expect teachers to start scaring children with Elf on the Shelf starting next week – trying to keep them well behaved .




“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…We have a beautiful front entrance! Advent begins this Sunday! #StElizCath #ocsb https://t.co/nq0IZ2oeIf

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/StElizabethCath/status/801916547375759360


Another one at St paul’s



PS: same school had a dance party with anti Catholic Hot 899 radio station. pro ivf, pro gay marriage etc etc


One thought on “#OCSB Christmas trees in November #s2bgn #ottnews”

  1. This seasonal confusion is common. Many times in my years of teaching we would Christmas day Mass, at school, while it was still Advent. This would be like having Easter Mass during Holy Week. This is all part of a school system and a Church at large, that, long ago, lost its way


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