#OCSB deep learning is pretty shallow. #ocsbdl #s2bgn #ottnews


We know that St Thomas More schoo is in decline. EQAO scores are plummeting. However, we want ro congratulate them on at least trying to teach kids about saints. This is better than 95% of OCSB schools.




What a wonderful Saints Walk today @ThomasMoreOCSB ! Our grade 4s compiled what they learned– take a look! https://t.co/0HGg8Fhp0O #ocsbDL

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/4Immersion/status/798960222995968001




Apparently, the above is “deep learning”. I know some homeschooled Grade 4s.  Just average normal grade 4s. When they study the saints, they read 150page books that are for sale at St Patrick’s Giftshop on Kent street eg.



But apparently “deep learning” at OCSB means

  • spelling St Joan of Arc as St Jhon
  • thinking that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ mother
  • St Mary Magdalene comes from Mandala
  • atrocious, unreadable printing and writing.
  • St Nicholas is little more than “Santa” (what about him striking heretic Arius?)
  • St Therese of Lisieux, not Mother Teresa said “if you judge people, you have…”
  • Mary Magdalene married a man named Simon (handwritten sheet below )
  • Etc


Not deep learning!!






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