#Ottnews #OCSB #TCSB How non #prolife is the Ontario #catholic teachers union OECTA?

Read this report from Toronto OECTA.. All fine on the LGBT etc fronts.. but a humble prolife proposal from 9 teachers was defeated at the provincial OECTA mtg. OVERWHELMINGLY!!!




Meanwhile, the reaction of a former OECTA President to a Planned Parenthood by pretty boy Justin is most interesting. Ryan apparently only has a problem with PPFA being American! Most faithful Catholics would be more upset with PPFA doing 300,000 murders/year!

Let’s not forget Ryan accepted an award from LGBT MCC “church”.

agendadec11online  See page 2. Ryan at MCC with Brent Hawkes et al


Ryan is a Director at ICE: http://bit.ly/1N9Q9yP









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