#ottnews Award winning #OCSB St Thomas More in Rapid decline

Why won’t the media report on this??



STM dropped %20 in Grade  3 math and 21% in Grade 6th math.

Meanwhile, they are winning awards in “innovation”


STM is a “model for digital ecosystem”?? NO THANK YOU!


http://www.cea-ace.ca/press-release/ottawa-catholic-school-board-chosen-national-case-study-education-innovation   DON’T trust the education “experts”. They are innovating our children into failure!

Page 27 onward: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Lln55IFegTUDJwTTdaNFFhS1k/view



The OCSB DOES care about the EQAO and recognizes its validity. They do regular press releases about it:


NO press release for St Thomas More dropping 20% in math??? Why not?? Too busy doing beer tasting at the Glen House resort in Gan?


PS: BTW, all principals are getting FREE golf shirts to celebrate their 3 day offsite last week. Shouldn’t this be spent on EAs, special ed etc etc etc etc??






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