#ottnews 3 days of fun and partying for $50K for #OCSB


Update: pro gay marriage priest is not talking, another speaker.. CCD should end closer to 12-1230


Next Friday, the OCSB will be spending $71K to bring in a pro-gay marriage, pro-women’s ordination “priest” to talk to them at the Shaw Centre. The day ends about 1:15 (we encourage media to go and see around 1) where all the staff go off for the long weekend. This is why all the children are home and parents need to take a vacation day or pay for PD camps.




The last 3 days, the principals and Superintendents etc have been at the Glen House resort in Gananoque partying it up – beer tasting, “cottage networking” etc. Fortunately, a member of the CIA (Catholic Intelligence Agency) has relatives in Gan who knows a person that works at the resort. She reports a “very very good time” is being had by the OCSB folks on our dollar. $50,000!


Meanwhile, you will see budget cuts for things like Kindergarten tutoring:



$$ for beer tasting while children go without and schools have cockroaches!!

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