Archbishop Durocher in bed with heretical “FutureChurch” #catholic


In an email to NCR Sept. 21*, Durocher confirmed that he would be accepting the award from FutureChurch via livestream.

“I know that I am being given this award because of my intervention at the Synod last October inviting my brother bishops to study the question of women being ordained to the permanent diaconate,” Durocher wrote. “This was one of a few proposals I made to recognize the gifts that women can bring to leadership and teaching functions within the Church. The heart of my intervention considered the ongoing violence perpetrated by men against their spouses in a conjugal relationship.


Who does FutureChurch closely ally with:

Charles Curran, Hans Kung et al


What does FutureChurch believe:
Women’s ordination to Priesthood, LGBT lifestyles are fine, contraception, etc etc


“Future Church” (a.k.a. “FutureChurch” ) is not an organization affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland nor does it have the support or approval of the Bishop of the Diocese. “Future Church” is an independent organization of individuals who promote an agenda that is not consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and who are fully responsible for the arrangement of their own programs and activities.

Based on the preceding statement, it is not appropriate for the activities and meetings of “Future Church” to be held in church related institutions and/or parish facilities.


Durocher was in charge of the terrible “fully alive” sex ed curriculum in 2010.


Durocher is former president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


 Post by Vox:
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