#ocsb #tcdsb . Will #OECTA move from Genderbread to Gender Unicorn?


An excellent article that shows why sending children to Ontario government run school (public or “catholic”) is problematic



One interesting part of the article was:

As a side note, I did a little research into the gender unicorn — this is how I spend my days as a blogger — and I discovered that it was provided to Charlotte, and to many other schools across the nation, by a left wing extremist group called Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER). The gender unicorn is a somewhat new creation, apparently. The mascot for progressive gender theory used to be the Genderbread Person, but schools stopped using Mr. Genderbread when it was revealed that the individual who created him plagiarizedit from “intersectionally marginalized people,” whatever in God’s name that means. Even worse, TSER tells us that the Genderbread chart made reference to “biological sex,” which, they say, is “harmful to trans people” because it is ”an ambiguous word that has no scale and no meaning besides that it is related to some sex characteristics.”

Did anything in the previous paragraph make sense to you? If you’re a normal and rational human being, probably not. Are you comfortable with the idea that your kids are learning that the term “biological sex” is “harmful” and “ambiguous”? If you’re a good parent, definitely not.


OECTA and other “catholic” organizations have been spending $$ spreading the gospel of “Genderbread”. Kevin Welbes-Godin has received awards from OECTA and CARFLEO doing so. He has been in Ottawa with the genderbread propaganda. Will they now be switching over to Gender Unicorns?

Protect your children from government/OECTA schools! Don’t let them imbibe the genderbread/unicorn propaganda!


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