The tired old words of #oecta and egale. #OCSB

“Spirit of vatican 2”, “prophetic”,  “speaking truth to power”, etc etc. Flashbacks of folky masses in the 70s with guitars and tambourines

When Welbes speaks about “stubborn, rigid language and rules”, he is referring to the holy Catholic Faith that has been passed down for 2000 years! Tradition and Scripture!

No Catholic child should attend a school staffed by OECTA and CARFLEO!

Usccb on new ways:

CARFLEO award Welbes Godin


Kevin pushes “genderbread” to OECTA teachers


New ways commenter Barry Blackburn loved the blog post by KWB. Retired “Catholic teacher” Blackburn is “married” to former priest Tim Ryan


Barry Blackburn says:

Congratulations to Kevin Welbes Godin and Ontario’s Egale Canada’s report “Every Teacher Project” which speaks for LGBTQ students and their educators. In 1995 the Jesuit publication “The Moment” #26 published their journal issue in support of LGBTQ students called “In Search of Safety The Lives of Lesbian and Gay youth”. Ontario’s English Catholic Teacher’s Association has always, (in my memory) been supportive of both LGBTQ educators and students attempting both safety and dialogue in Ontario’s Catholic schools. Bravo for “Every Teacher Project” and for this wonderful presentation by Kevin Welbes Godin.”

Fr Tim Ryan was finally suspended from the priesthood in 2004, but he had been living with Barry since 1983!

Tim Ryan




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