#Ottnews #OCSB Retired Teacher and Retired Principal doing “Gay Weddings”



Recently retired OCSB teacher now doing LGBT so-called weddings. Wendy MacPhee





She was involved with the All Saints HS GSA. OCSB broke the “Respecting Differences” rules that say mentors must be committed to Catholic teachings. Clearly MacPhee, doing gay weddings, is not committed to Catholic teachings!


 iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know
and be committed to Catholic teachings;


Wendy 2




Recently retired OCSB Principal doing so-called Gay weddings:


OCSB Wedding

Donna Bekkers



Here is AL Micus, retired from Pius High School. He won’t do gay weddings, but likes to do weddinga of former students.he also does funerals and baptisms






One thought on “#Ottnews #OCSB Retired Teacher and Retired Principal doing “Gay Weddings””

  1. Al Micus also performs “Catholic weddings” for those Catholics who do not subscribe to the teachings of the Catholic Church.


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