#catholic. Homosexual Ottawa priest wants us to celebrate his gay identity

This homosexual Ottawa priest is back at pushing his lgbt agenda.

He wants us to ignore that he disobeyed the 1961 (and 1985)  Vatican orders against ordaining men with deep seated homosexual tendencies. For this disobedience, he now wants us to celebrate the gay identity of priests who snuck in.

This man should not be allowed anywhere near FacEducation students. He should be ordered into a back-corner Archdiocesan office. How long must the Archdiocese suffer from this man (and St Joe’s parish and St Paul’s U and the OCSB “catholic” school board)?



“Within the month of Pride, today we are often a taboo subject, or homosexuality and faith. How can anyone live their religion and homosexuality?  
André Samson, vice-dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa and a Catholic priest of the diocese of Ottawa.”


11 mins long at 16:38












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