#catholic #OCSB Development and Peace and Communist WSF in Montreal

This is where your dollars go  when your child’s school raises $$ for Development Peace







Lots of “code words and euphemisms”

8. Struggles against Racism, Xenophobia, Patriarchy and Fundamentalism

Rights of LGBTQI / Queer / transgender; Gender equality; Feminist struggles; Gender issue in different struggles movements; Intersectional struggles; Informal women’s work; Exploitation of women’s bodies; Gendered violence; Fight against violence against women and children; Marginalization of minorities; Place of indigenous women; Alliances of struggles for the rights of women; Fighting sexism; Missing women and feminicide; Strengthening women’s organizations; Child’s rights and protection; Senior’s rights ; Fight against racisms and xenophobia; afrophobia; Islamophobia; antisemitism; racism against Rom ; Against Homophobia and discrimination affecting visible and cultural minorities, women, disabled, seniors, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender ; Fight against ableism ; Fight againt audism; Fundamentalism (religious, economic, political, etc.)





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