#OCSB MTHS to put on play mocking nuns


“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”

Sister Act creator is a BAD TREE! But Mother Teresa School will be putting on the play which is so disrespectful of nuns.


Read the original writer’s disgusting piece about nuns and the Catholic Church




Rudnick said in his article, and on the magazine’s podcast, that his goal in creating “Sister Act” was to “subvert the Catholic Church.” As only he can explain, “The script called for actresses of all shapes and ages, although the Disney executives still squabbled over which nuns should be ‘f***able.’”


“I wanted “Sister Act” to be a satire of sugary family perennials like “The Sound of Music,” “The Singing Nun,” “The Flying Nun,” and such parochial-school romps as “The Trouble with Angels” and its sequel, “Where Angels Go… Trouble Follows.” These mainstream nun movies were full of sage, older nuns who, after offering their wisdom, would die serenely off camera; with younger guitar-strumming “rebel” nuns, sometimes riding Vespas; and with feisty novices, who either had to be broken, via missionary work, or farmed out to the von Trapp compound… My plan was for “Sister Act” to subvert this sort of prissy up-lift. I wanted out heroine, Terri Van Cartier [sic], to embody raunch, sex, and the unstoppable gospel of cheap show-biz. It would be pop verses Pope; and pop in a barrage of sequins, wisecracks, and Marlboro Lights, would win.”

http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700128890/Broadway-musical-Sister-Act-will-convert-you.html “It’s time to stop mocking Mormons. And high time to have fun with Roman Catholics.”


This blog prefers to SUPPORT nuns, not mock them

eg. Queenship of Mary:


Will the students of MTHS have more or less respect for the Catholic Faith after this play? This blog believes there are much better musicals and comedies than could have been chosen!



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