#OCSB #ottnews NDHS Basketball Academy and the Catholic Faith

Looks like the OCSB is heading down the route of pseudo-Catholic basketball colleges “in the Jesuit tradition” like Gonzaga and Georgetown and USF in the USA.

Jesuit Basketball Colleges link

They are partnering with a $10,000/yr basketball academy to being it to Notre Dame NDHS. How many of the academy kids will be Catholic? 10%? 20% Are ANY of the Academy execs practising Catholics? Why did the OCSB press release no mention the promotion of the Catholic faith once?



OCSB Basketball

The basketball institute is based upon the concepts of this one in Orangeville:



Topflight will have a private elite classroom inside taxpayer funded NDHS

Link: Exclusive classroom to “hang out”

Private classroom in govt funded school.JPG


How will this new Basketball institute enhance the Catholic nature of NDHS in ANY way?


PS: where did the Trustees approve this?  There is no record in a ny school board mtg.


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