#OCSB Update of Religion Class exemption


  1. The OCSTA trustees were embarrassed that their website had all the notes and legal opinions saying that the ONLY requirement to get out of religion class is to have your MPAC property tax assessment list the parents as PUBLIC school supporters. They have now removed all the incriminating evidence from their website. Good thing all the OCSTA materials are available here.  😉https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/ocsb-ottnews-ocsta-catholic-trustees-and-avoidance-of-foi-requests/

2. When demanding an exemption from CARFLEO/OECTA Religion classes, please remember to include the notice that no admin, teacher or guidance counsellor should talk in any way to your child about this matter. This is only a matter between parent and Principal. In fact, regardless of whether your child takes religion class or not, goes to Public or “catholic” school, a note should be sent to the Principal etc (and kept on file) that there should be NO meetings with any guidance counsellor and child without a parent present.

Guidance counsellors are often “attack vectors” that divide a parent and child. We have heard several stories about this and felt the need to warn parents.



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