#OCSB #TCDSB #Catholic . CARFLEO pushes LGBTQ positive Camp Micah with Genderneutral sleeping

The “family life” and religion teachers at “catholic” schools (CARFLEO) are still pushing an LGBTQ positive camp with gender neutral sleeping

Read what a Catholic student said about the camp after attending there:


Tell me why the Bishops and parents should trust CARFLEO with the souls of students? CARFLEO are the ones who teach sex-ed and religion in schools.

Does CARFLEO about the new Bishops teaching document?

The Human Person, Love, and Sexuality (2016)

Camp Micah

CARFLEO Camp Micah



5. LGBTQ+ve? Really?

Yes! Camp Micah is a welcoming and inclusive community that values and celebrates diversity. Gender neutral washrooms are found throughout camp. We have gender neutral sleeping spaces available. We are dedicated to being a positive and safe space for every participant.


Former (and current?) staff bios:

micah4 CampMicah Lesbian Camp MicahJoe micah2 micah3


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