Why one family left the #OCSB (sex ed, low standards, channeling etc). #ottnews

An interesting blogpost sent to us by a friend of a friend. The section on the racist “Christmas” play (Hindu/Christian/Kwanzaa) where the teacher divided the children by race is incredible!

The mother speaks of low academic standards, channeling in yoga, We Day (this blog has talked about the worship of proabort pro-euthanasia Prince Justin Trudeau), Wynne sex ed), etc. It really is a must read article that should be shared.

One interesting parent-principal interaction was on sex-ed: “But when I asked to schedule a meeting so I could review in advance the teaching materials for the upcoming sex ed curriculum, my request was brushed aside with the reply that the curriculum was online. The principal made no objection when we requested to exempt our daughter from the sex ed classes, but we were clearly not going to get anything but the bare minimum of civility.”

The curriculum is NOT online. ICE has not published anything but a small propaganda pamphlet in September. The full curriculum was supposed to be online in November – we have nothing, nada.

Read the entire eloquent blog post, there are so many interesting points she makes:





iceont.ca (not updated since September!! Promised to have full sex ed curriculum published online by November)




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