#ocsb partner St Joe’s Euthanasia compromise ; and Gay Passion of the Christ

OSCB teachers must have enjoyed this Bulletin:

While the Archbishop’s letter made it into the Bulletin, a letter from Vanier/L’arche talking about the right to die (not supposed right to die) was also published!!

{Update2 . The VPS statement is trying to minimize the effect of the law as opposed to unrelenting rejection of all forms of euthanasia. Many of the signers would never euthanize/refer under any circumstances, it looks like others would have no problem euthanizing under some circumstances. Sort of like agreeing to an abortion bill banning abortion after 22 weeks. However, Vanier gives up vital ground by talking about the right to die and of course St Joe’s publishes it!!


March-6-2016  <– PDF of Bulletin


Doug Blanchard



The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision.
Lesbian Christian author and minister Kittredge Cherry wrote a piece defending her latest book entitled The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision. The book contains 24 paintings of a “gay Jesus” and his “homoerotic union with God” during his crucifixion, death and resurrection.

The Last Supper: Jesus joined “all his closest friends” and “snuggled his beloved and talked about love” Cherry wrote.

Homo-erotic Trinity
Homo-erotic Trinity



PS: Just last week, their “homilist” (a lay lesbian woman condemned Confession):


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