#OCSB partner parish St Joe’s condemns Sacrament of Confession

Much has been written about St Joe’s and their anti-Catholic ways (see bottom for links). The OCSB is very closely aligned with St Joe’s (and St Basil’s). OCSB choirs have concerts there, teachers (if they attend mass at all) will usually go to St Joe’s or St Basil’s, etc

They have had a new pastor since the fall, but things seem to be the same. An active LGBTQ group (headed by Ewelina Frackowiak), lay preachers at masses, etc

Usually when Ewelina preaches, it is on an LGBT issue (eg. support for Church gay marriage and other nonsense). Last week, she condemned from the pulpit the entire Sacrament of Confession!


“Do not take upon yourself the identity of a sinner. When you do that, you judge yourself and whatever you judge you do not understand. The danger in labeling ourselves as sinners is that we are then addicted to forgiveness that does not come from awareness but from something outside of us. If we expect a person or God to forgive us, we are simply addicted to our idea of that person or God in order to feel good about ourselves. But in fact we as individuals and as a community have the ability to understand and forgive and love. God, who is Love, is within us.”

Ewelina Forgiveness







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