Will teacher quality continue to decline in Canada? #ocsb #ottnews



“This is profoundly discriminatory, but not really new. I talked to Queen’s faculty of education when I graduated with my BA, and was shocked to discover that my high marks mattered nothing to them. The academic entrance qualification then, at a posh university like Queen’s, was exactly what it is now at the U of M: a C+ average. If I recall correctly, this was also the minimum required to graduate with an honours B.A. In every course, not overall. Beyond that, it was simply first come, first served.

I asked why. The administrator said that no studies had ever shown that higher academic achievement led to better teaching. What is striking about this is how untrue it is. A lot of studies, notably those by Teach for America, based on a huge amount of data, show the opposite: that a high SAT, and graduation from a highly competitive university with good marks, is perhaps the most accurate predictor of future teaching quality. It is also just common sense: you cannot teach what you do not know. The basic requirements for a good teacher are therefore 1) subject knowledge, and 2) knowledge of how to learn, or at least how to do well at academics. Good university students with strong degrees are the experts in both.”



This quota system may spread to Ontario (maybe informally it already has). LGBTs at UM will get 7.5% quota (about 4x general population). So expect even more LGBT activism from individual teachers and the unions


This is the 2 year old salary sunshine list – many more teachers will be on here in 2016. Don’t forget the huge pensions:


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