News: Wynne Sex Ed cancelled at #Catholic boards for this year? #ocsb #ottnews #tcdsb

Given the timelines published by Cardinal Collins and the Archdiocese of Toronto, there is no way the new Wynne sex ed can be taught this year (We are sure it is coming next year).

ICE provided some draft materials, as scheduled, on Nov 20 to Family life coordinators from across the province. Their schedule had them publishing the material in November. It is now March and nothing has been updated since September. There is not ample time for in-service training before April/May when sex ed is taught – as well parents were promised that material would be available for review months before it is taught.


Timelines from Cardinal Collins:

The majority of the classroom resources will be developed through July and August of this year, and will be reviewed and vetted by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario prior to release. Classroom resources will be released and distributed to school boards throughout the 2015-2016 school year, with the first wave of resources to be ready for distribution in late October, after the approval process has been completed. As the themes within the Fully Alive program, which deal most directly with issues of human development and sexuality, are most typically delivered in the Spring, most materials will be available 3-4 months prior to teachers using materials in their classrooms, which will allow ample time for inservice at the school board level.
As resources are developed and approved, they will be released to school boards through a memo from ICE to the Directors of Education.  The materials will also be available on the ICE website​.
ICE website not updated since September. Marerials have not been approved apparently:

One thought on “News: Wynne Sex Ed cancelled at #Catholic boards for this year? #ocsb #ottnews #tcdsb”

  1. I fully oppose the new Sex Ed Curriculum being taught at all, and most adamantly, against it being taught in our Catholic schools! It makes me justifiably angry as a Catholic and a parent that Wynne’s obvious agenda may be allowed to indoctrinate our young people!


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